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Nick Doppelganger

This was back in 1997 at EFY in Santa Barbara. This kid in our group looked so much like Nick (high school days)


Nick mourned on Mashable

Vine Comedian Nick Spears Dead at 35, Community Mourns

Comedian and writer Nick Spears died of apparent heart complications Friday. He was 35.

Spears was beloved in the social-media community, particularly by a tight-knit group of comedians and friends on video-sharing platform Vine.

In addition to his social-media and standup comedy, the Los Angeles, Calif. resident was an active volunteer for F*ck Cancer, a non-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness, and end cancer through early medical detection.

Vine sensation and cancer fighter Ryan McHenry became close with Spears via the social network, although the two never met in real life.

“He sent me F*ck Cancer t-shirts, wristbands, stickers and messaged me with some great advice on how to stay well and positive,” McHenry told Mashable via Twitter. “He was so wonderful and kind-hearted, really helped me through a lot … His comedy was unique and hilarious, and I can’t believe he’s gone.”… you can read the original article on Mashable, in full, by clicking here.

Interview with Talk Humor

Nick Spears may not be as well-known as another person with the same last name, but as far as funny goes, he’s much better (and not because he drops more kids in public). The videos for the sketch comedy group that he’s part of (LurkSquad) have garnered over 2 million viewings on YouTube and MySpace. And while it’s true that a sleepy kitten can rack up the views as well, Nick’s videos are actually entertaining and funny (but not as cute or fluffy). Seriously, their MTV Scarred Spoof video featuring extreme skipping is especially worth a viewing (or the Rambo Fan video).

nick_spears_hi-res_photo1-685x1024Nick is also a stand-up comedian, and a die-hard Lakers fan, which makes him alright in Simon’s book. For more information on Nick’s upcoming performances you can visit his website at or his MySpace page at

Q: Did you choose stand up comedy or did it choose you?

NS: I did. I had been doing sketch comedy videos with my boys in “LurkSquad” for about 3 years and we were having some good success. Right about the time MTV Short Circuitz picked up our “Scarred Spoof” to air on their show, I decided it was time to really give this career a shot; and so many of my favorite comedian actors started in stand up, I felt it was the next step. I was living in Boise, Idaho and I approached the open mic managers at the Boise Funny Bone, Justin Hughes & Mundek. I knew nada about stand up besides seeing Harland Williams & Jonathan Winters live, which was embedded in my mind. So, Justin and Mundek pretty much took me in and showed me the ropes. Maybe they saw something in me, maybe they just wanted my body, it’s still a mystery to this day; sorta like the Bermuda triangle or Loch Ness.

I loved the idea of writing my own jokes and sharing my storytelling with an audience willing to listen. My first open mic actually rocked. I had a great response from the crowd and was on cloud nine. The very next day was my second open mic. We were at a dive bar, in front of a crowd of four people, with the TVs on and of course the mic didn’t work. The local comedians told me this was a situation to grow some balls and get some stage experience, and they were right. To this day, that was my worst room and I’m glad I didn’t leave like a prima donna. It’s been about a year and a half now, and I must say, I’m better at acting and writing in my sketch video shorts, but I absolutely love the honesty and ambiance of the stand up gig. I don’t have to rely on anyone else; it’s just me and them. No set is the same, it’s always a coin toss. It keeps things interesting. Plus, I’m getting better. I just hate the days I know I don’t have a show. That’s when you know. I love it.

Q: You like myself, are an unabashed Lakers lover. How would you define the 2008 Season and what does your crystal ball predict for 2009?

NS: 2008 has been like a gift from the gods. Getting rid of Smush and Kwame “Butterfingers” Brown was similar to finding out your one night stand chick isn’t actually pregnant. Sigh. And time to move on with your life stress-free. Gasol was the cherry on top. For us, as in the Lakers, to make the finals with such a new team is boggling. As for 2009… wow. Fisher, Kobe, Odom, Gasol, Bynum. Ha! Why not just make that the Western All-Star Team? Oh yeah, and we got Ariza on the bench, too? Nice. Hopefully, Vlade can figure out how to play defense and Turiaf can figure out how to rebound. As for Walton, lay off the bong this summer dood. Farmar and The Machine (watch our Machine videos) need to throw back some wine coolers, hug, and come out to play next season too. We should be unstoppable.

Q: Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?

NS: Great question, it bugs me too. That’s why I always dip the keychain in the toilet before I return it to them.

Q: Not that we’re stalking you or anything (our interns do that), but we did notice that Van Stone was sitting number 5 on your MySpace friends list. In your opinion, are they the best “fake” band since Spinal Tap?

NS: I am confused… fake? Michael Jackson’s face is fake. Dinosaurs are fake. Even the meat in Jack in the Box tacos is fake. But, Van Stone? Sorry to disappoint. Van Stone is real and they truly are Palmdale’s #3 rock band. I’ve been to Palmdale and it’s no joke. I was actually a father of six beautiful children before my first Van Stone show. I ended up selling my children to Taiwanese shoe makers to buy a used Saturn and follow Van Stone from gig to gig. Sure, their tour only lasted nine days, but it was the best summer of my life. I actually witnessed lead singer Randy Van Stone perform CPR on Lemmy’s wart backstage at a Motorhead concert. Lemmy thanked him and whispered something in Randy’s ear. I swore I overheard him say, “Thank you Randy, you now have some of my rock mojo. Don’t let me down.” And as a Van Stoniac, I can sincerely say he hasn’t one bit. He’s let a lot of people down, but not Lemmy, or his wart.

Q: What’s a personal factoid that your fans would be shocked to learn?

NS: I am actually a 68 year-old Korean woman named Eacho Dong.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, just how funny are you?

NS: About a 2.67? But, my agent (Michael Swoops) says I am a 10.

Q: So you’re 29, and the big “three-oh,” is knocking on your door. How do you plan on celebrating three decades of you?

NS: Moving out of my Mom’s house and finding a job with good health benefits and a 401k option. I also love Oreo ice cream cake, so I may pick one of those up at the local Baskin Robbins.

Q: If you were to take us on a tour of your hometown of Santa Barbara, CA, what are the 5 locations you would describe as “must sees”?

NS: Santa Barbara will always be home to me, but I tend to stay away from the pier and the tourist traps that once were mellow when I was kid.

For comedy, you have Stateside on Tuesday nights and Bricks Cafe on Thursday nights. Both are downtown on State Street and get great comedians. They’ve been good to me.

My favorite places to eat are Matador Restaurant located downtown on State St… soooo good. Also, Edomasa (sushi), Woody’s (bbq), Dean-o’s (pizza), Palazzio (italian) and the Italian Grocery for a homemade sub sandwich.

My favorite bar is this dive in Goleta called Break Time. Good bartenders, Liz & John O’Daly; good juke box; and good drinks. I’m usually there with my hood rats.

By far the best place to shop and spend the day in Santa Barbara is the Galleria on upper State Street. It’s the bomb!

Q: What’s the best way for your fans to stay up-to-date with all your work?

NS: Obviously my MySpace page has all my videos updated and current stand up gigs, or Brad’s MySpace page (my alter ego) or any of the following sites: / / /

Q: We end all interviews with word association. I say wombat and you say…

NS: Lurk.


This interview was originally posted to the site talk Humor. You can find the original interview, in its entirety, here.

Untitled Script


No idea what this script is, but Matthew McConaughey and Kip (Napolean Dynamite?) are mentioned. Seems to be about some gay dudes, loud sex, and who knows. If I’m being honest, only read a few lines. Here is a quick excerpt of the madness:

Could this be the new boyfriend? Kip confronts the two of them as they drive out in a Miata. Kip won’t let them leave. He tries to open the door, but the gay guy slams the door into Kip sending him down to the ground. He gives a few kicks to the groin. He gets in the car and tries to peel out, but Kip jumps on, holding tight.

If you know more, please share.

You can read the whole two pager here: Untitled Script

For My Wife

Nicks Note To WifeThere was an envelope in Nick’s stack of documents entitled, “For My Wife”. Dated 02/10/02. It is a wish list of sorts, in the event of of his death. A note to his wife, whom at the time, he assumed would be Catherine, but left room for the future — Hello Cristina! Anywho, I have transcribed the writing below and inserted a copy of the letter, as a scan. Enjoy.


To the most important people in my life,

I’ve always believed death would find me in an un-expecting manner. In accepting this feeling, I sincerely try to live each day how I want. If I live each day, fearing death, it seems as if my spirit has already died. I truly enjoyed my life to this point, but I do have many more memories to create. My most anticipated part of my future, is the idea of a family. I hope to raise one or two great children and experience all of the trials and tribulations that come with them. I hope to have a great wife, who I will love even after death, to share this time with. (I anticipate Catherine to be my wife, but if she is not, this meant for my new love.)

I am writing this letter at the young age of 23. I hope that everyone I love, lives a beautiful life and doesn’t hold any grudges against me… or I promise to torment them as a ghost for eternity! I hope to have brought some humor and chaos to everyone’s life. I want my friends to know how much I loved them. We were soldiers in our own army.

I also want to express my love for specific elements of life. It is hard for me to explain in words how much music meant to me. It was one of the truest things I’ve ever known. I would be so grateful to have my best friend, Adam, play our favorite songs for my friends and family. I also have an extreme love and respect for our Earth and Heavens. Things, like the ocean and the universe kept me in a world of curiosity and excitement. I also love history, the movies, chess, breasts, writing, and Taco Bell sauce (hot sauce). *It should be noted that if Hell exists, and I am there, I will be doing math in a very small room, with the sound of a baby crying and country music blasting in the background. I will be accompanied by my three tutors: a clown, a doll, and Vlade Divac.

I love my parents very much, more than you will ever know. My brother and his beautiful family were like my own. I love you David. I love my wife and kids more than can be conceived.

**My Requests**

1) I hope that this is read not at a gloomy funeral, but a gathering of those I loved, listening to music and remembering/sharing our memories together.

2) Please give any usable parts of my body to hospitals for research or donors.

3) Please spread my ashes over the edgewater at Hope Ranch Beach… where I have great memories. Please play one of my favorite songs, “wish you were here”, by Pink Floyd

Thank you. Good bye,


Nick Spears Memorial Potluck ’15


Come one, come all, to the semi-official Nick Spears Memorial Potluck.

Details: Join us as we bask in the golden glory of Nick’s memory, spirit, and sweat. There will be stories, and beer, and food… odds are some jackhole will cry. Lots of kids running around unattended, annoying everyone. There will be sand and ocean, some waves, and lots of tar. We will be there for several hours, so don’t worry about being on time, Justin. It will be a gay ole time for all to gather and celebrate a unique creature named Nick. See you there.

Where: Goleta Beach, Area C

Day/Time: Saturday, February 21, 2015 @ Noon

What to bring: Talk to the King, he is arranging all of it.

Questions? Call Nate.