For My Wife

Nicks Note To WifeThere was an envelope in Nick’s stack of documents entitled, “For My Wife”. Dated 02/10/02. It is a wish list of sorts, in the event of of his death. A note to his wife, whom at the time, he assumed would be Catherine, but left room for the future — Hello Cristina! Anywho, I have transcribed the writing below and inserted a copy of the letter, as a scan. Enjoy.


To the most important people in my life,

I’ve always believed death would find me in an un-expecting manner. In accepting this feeling, I sincerely try to live each day how I want. If I live each day, fearing death, it seems as if my spirit has already died. I truly enjoyed my life to this point, but I do have many more memories to create. My most anticipated part of my future, is the idea of a family. I hope to raise one or two great children and experience all of the trials and tribulations that come with them. I hope to have a great wife, who I will love even after death, to share this time with. (I anticipate Catherine to be my wife, but if she is not, this meant for my new love.)

I am writing this letter at the young age of 23. I hope that everyone I love, lives a beautiful life and doesn’t hold any grudges against me… or I promise to torment them as a ghost for eternity! I hope to have brought some humor and chaos to everyone’s life. I want my friends to know how much I loved them. We were soldiers in our own army.

I also want to express my love for specific elements of life. It is hard for me to explain in words how much music meant to me. It was one of the truest things I’ve ever known. I would be so grateful to have my best friend, Adam, play our favorite songs for my friends and family. I also have an extreme love and respect for our Earth and Heavens. Things, like the ocean and the universe kept me in a world of curiosity and excitement. I also love history, the movies, chess, breasts, writing, and Taco Bell sauce (hot sauce). *It should be noted that if Hell exists, and I am there, I will be doing math in a very small room, with the sound of a baby crying and country music blasting in the background. I will be accompanied by my three tutors: a clown, a doll, and Vlade Divac.

I love my parents very much, more than you will ever know. My brother and his beautiful family were like my own. I love you David. I love my wife and kids more than can be conceived.

**My Requests**

1) I hope that this is read not at a gloomy funeral, but a gathering of those I loved, listening to music and remembering/sharing our memories together.

2) Please give any usable parts of my body to hospitals for research or donors.

3) Please spread my ashes over the edgewater at Hope Ranch Beach… where I have great memories. Please play one of my favorite songs, “wish you were here”, by Pink Floyd

Thank you. Good bye,


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