Nick Spears Memorial Potluck ’15


Come one, come all, to the semi-official Nick Spears Memorial Potluck.

Details: Join us as we bask in the golden glory of Nick’s memory, spirit, and sweat. There will be stories, and beer, and food… odds are some jackhole will cry. Lots of kids running around unattended, annoying everyone. There will be sand and ocean, some waves, and lots of tar. We will be there for several hours, so don’t worry about being on time, Justin. It will be a gay ole time for all to gather and celebrate a unique creature named Nick. See you there.

Where: Goleta Beach, Area C

Day/Time: Saturday, February 21, 2015 @ Noon

What to bring: Talk to the King, he is arranging all of it.

Questions? Call Nate.

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